Accounting success with 10 unique tally prime features

Accounting can be a lot time consuming and difficult to mange with the old systems. Upgrade your accounting system and grow your business with tally prime unique features like:

Invoicing & Accounting (E-Invoicing)

Tally Prime makes it amazingly simple to create and record invoices. Optimized invoice components, a host of configurations, and multiple billing modes, and make Tally Prime really molding to your business.

Generating E-invoice directly from tally prime

Inventory Management

The features of Tally Prime make it one of the most flexible systems for optimal inventory management. The features like:

  1. Warehouse management,
  2. multiple stock valuation,
  3. manufacturing,
  4. batch,
  5. expiry dates,
  6. job costing,
  7. and the powerful inventory reports make inventory management a cakewalk.
Inventory Management in Tally Prime

Insightful Business Reports

TallyPrime comes with more than 400 business reports which are readily available with powerful insights that will allow you to make informed decisions.TallyPrime’s amazing flexibility allows you to slice and dice your reports and look at them the way you want, the way it works for your business.

Available Business reports in Tally Prime

GST/ Taxation

With Tally Prime, you can generate GST-compliant invoices such as tax invoices, bills of supply, etc. in seconds and file accurate GST returns always. What’s more? You can automatically generate e-invoices and print invoices with IRN and QR codes instantly. Using Tally Prime’s features, you can also manage:

  1. TDS,
  2. TCS, and
  3. payrolls statutory such as PF, ESI, and employee income tax.
GST Taxation selection according to appropriate state

Credit and Cash Flow Management

By increasing the efficiencies in accounts receivable, accounts payables, inventories, and several other areas of business, TallyPrime helps you optimize cash flows. TallyPrime’s insightful reports help you to be on top of your cash flow.

Credit and Debit Note details creation

Multi-task Capabilities

TallyPrime supports multi-tasking and helps you handle day-to-day interruptions. You are in the middle of the sales invoice but want to record another new sale? Or in the middle of making a payment entry but want to refer to the outstanding report before proceeding? Using TallyPrime, you will be able to handle many such situations without the hassle of switching between multiple instances of Tally or the worry of losing your progress.

Go To Feature

With TallyPrime, discovering insights just got easier. This is made possible with TallyPrime’s new and powerful search bar called “Go-To”. Using Go To, you can search and find the things you didn’t know Tally could do for you and discover new insights to run your business better.


TallyPrime comes with a wide range of banking features/utilities that help you manage all your banking needs easily. Using TallyPrime’s banking features such as auto bank reconciliation, pre-defined cheque formats, cheque management, e-payments, etc. makes banking an effortless task.

Access Business Data Online

TallyPrime gives you the ability to view business reports online from the comfort of a web browser, wherever you are with the promise that your data will always rest with you.

Accessing Business data anytime anywhere, tally prime cloud feature

Secure Data

We understand that your business data is sensitive and ensure that you will always remain in the custody of it. Multiple user access control and feature-based security, ensure that access to your data is restricted based on your choice.

Restricting data based on user access on Tally Prime

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