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Real Time Access

Biz Analyst Tally mobile app brings real-time information & allows you to access your Tally ERP9 data anytime / anywhere.

User Friendly

Multiple Reports, dashboard, and graphs allow you to make decisions in the office, at meetings or out on the road.

Inventory Item Profile

BizAnalyst has dived deep into how a business works to offer features that are truly useful to run a business.

Inactive Items / Customers

Boost your business with BizAnalyst by your side. View the list of inactive items or dormant customers to increase your business

Customer Profile

Know your customers before your plan to do further business with them. Moreover, you can also view the entire transaction summary including sales / purchase / receipts / payments by month, outstanding / pending sales purchase orders and more.


BizAnalyst lets you stay updated on every move in your business. It notifies you every day about your previous day’s sales, purchase, receipts, payments, etc

Sales / Purchases

Get complete Sales / Purchases Reporting from wherever you are with BizAnalyst.

100% Secure

BizAnalyst is a perfect example of end-to-end encryption in action.


BizAnalyst mobile app lets you view all your receivables and payables at one touch.

Features That Increase Your Profits

Tally On Mobile App by Biz is India’s most popular and trusted Tally on mobile business application with over 50k+ users. This application not only helps you access Tally Data on your phone it also helps you expand your business and profit. This Mobile APP is loaded with tools that help your business function smoothly and efficiently. Here are a few of Mobile APP features that help you increase your profits.

Outstanding Receivables

Mobile APP for Tally lets you send outstanding reminders to multiple customers with just a click. You can not only save time but also do this with minimal efforts. You can schedule a follow-up reminder for your outstanding receivables, get bill notification on the due day, and send outstanding reminders to your clients via WhatsApp, Email, etc. Getting paid on time is a boost to your profit and business.

Data Entry

Don’t be cuffed to your computer as Mobile APP for Tally helps you create Invoices, Sales Order, Purchase Order, Receipt, Stock Item, Ledger, and Payment on the app. These entries can be created by the user from their phone and it gets synced with Tally. Speedier business transactions mean more efficiency and more profits.

Check In- Check Out

This unique feature allows you to improve your team’s productivity as you can geo track your sales team when they are out on the field. Your team can send the meeting reports and meeting notes immediately and you can track their Check In And Check Out time with this feature. Your profit margins will improve along with your team’s productivity with this feature.

Inactive Item

You can avail of the list of your most inactive items on Mobile App for Tally by Biz. Users can also view inactive items by the stock group and stock category. Getting rid of inactive items improves your cash flow and help you with inventory management.

Inactive Customers

It’s always beneficial to retain your existing customers than get new ones. Users can view their inactive customers on Mobile APP for Tally by Biz and work on getting their business back. This is will help improve sales and multiply profits.


Mobile APP for Tally by Biz lets users access key business reports that play an important role in business decisions and strategies. Data-driven business decisions not only help you grow your company but also increase profits.


The convenience of accessing your tally data anywhere, anytime, is priceless. Users no longer need to worry about not having their important business data with them. They can work from anywhere and keep their business running even during tough situations like lockdown. Access to data is not just great for convenience but also to keep your profits high even during difficult times.

Using Mobile APP for Tally by Biz helps your business function better, improve your efficiency, and grow your profits. You can avail all this and much more for less than 5 INR a day! Download Biz Analyst to experience the power of digital transformation.

Tally-on-mobile app that brings Tally ERP9 data with real-time information, useful for business owners & salespeople on the go. Download on iPhone or Android. To see the Demo. for Mobile APP for Tally by Biz call us.


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Why You should go for Mobile app for Tally ?

We are here To make you learn and use it as your comfort

Remote Connected

i. No dependency on accountant
ii. Track your business anytime, anywhere
iii. It’s 2020. Make smart data driven decisions.

Send Outstanding Reminders

i. Share payment reminders via email, whatsapp SMS with few taps
ii. Upto 50% reduction in payment delays
iii. Avoid poor cashflow because of delays in payments

Analyse & Grow your Sales

i. Analyse your sales by location, stock item, month and more
ii. Follow up with inactive customers who have not ordered for a while
iii. Detailed Sales Analysis at the customer level
iv. Upsell stock items that you have not sold

Data Entry from App

i. Create Sales/Purchase Invoice, Sales/Purchase Orders, Receipts/Payments from the app
ii. Syncs automatically with Tally
iii. Share instantly via Whatsapp, Email, SMS and more
iv. Save time & reduce errors

Increase sales team productivity

i. Create Sales Orders/Purchase Orders, Receipts/Payments Vouchers while visiting customers
ii. Geo-tagged Check In/Check-Out report of Customer Visits done
iii. Add Comments of each Customer Visit
iv. Easily Give/Remove Restricted access to the Sales Team

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