Tally Virtual User (TVU) License

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Tally Virtual User (TVU) License

The Tally Virtual User License has been introduced to allow authorised access and support under the Tally Virtual User Pack. This product applies to both existing Tally Virtual Users (Tally on cloud users, RDP, Citrix users and similar technologies) as well as customers interested in using virtual Tally.

According to this policy, there is a cost associated with every user using Tally. For the benefit of Tally customers, few user packs are being given to customers for free. Any number of users exceeding these numbers will have to pay and purchase Tally Virtual User packs.


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Tally Virtual User Pack

TVU Pack for
Tally Single User

Tally ERP 9 Silver Single user, comes with 1 Free TVU Virtual User Instances

TVU Pack for
Tally Gold Multi User

Tally ERP 9 Gold Multi user, comes with 10 Free TVU Virtual User Instances

Tally.Server 9 Software, comes with 20 Free TVU Virtual User Instances

TVU Pack for
Auditor Version

Tally ERP 9 Auditor Multi User Version comes with 10 Free TVU Virtual User Instances

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TVU is Tally Virtual User. According to a new policy by Tally Solutions, every Tally virtual user i.e. any Tally user using Tally through either Cloud, RDP, Citrix and similar technologies, must be using the Tally Virtual license.

It is important for every Tally user to contact their Tally Service provider and get the license as soon as possible. If your requirement exceeds the above mentioned entitlement, then you can purchase additional TVU packs from Whizkid Computers. This policy is applicable from 1st of July’2020 and is applicable to all Tally existing virtual users as well as customers planning to purchase tally virtual technologies and also for potential Tally users.

Tally Virtual License is for all virtual users. The ones who have already purchased cloud and similar technologies as well as the customers who will be buying in the future

For customers already using Tally in a virtual environment – The transition of Tally.ERP 9 to Tally Virtual License needs to be initiated before 31st July, 2020

Tally virtualisation is the process of creating a virtual environment, through which multiple Tally users can access real-time data from different locations

The number of Tally you open Virtual users in your organization is the number of Tally Virtual Users License you need to purchase

Tally Virtual License is for those Tally. ERP 9 users who are either using virtual tally either through cloud technology or similar technologies or are planning to go for Tally Virtualization

Tally Virtual License is an upgrade which is mandatory for all Tally. ERP 9 users using Tally virtually through cloud or Citrix and similar technologies.

Tally.NET Remote Access Capability and Tally Reports on Brower are not part of TVU pack, and these services continue to be part of TSS.

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