Sales-Purchase Analysis Tools for Tally

Available Analysis Tools

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Partywise Item

Partywise Item and Itemwise Party Report for sales or purchase

Zero Sales Party Sales

Zero Sales Party Sales – to know which party are not purchasing

Purchase & Sales Register Columnar with GST

Line itemwise Purchase & Sales Register Columnar report with GST

Barcode Sticker Printing

Barcode Sticker Printing from Tally directly to automate the entry of vouchers.

Barcode Module Print

Barcode Module Print from Purchase – to print barcode stickers directly while entry of purchase vouchers

Enquiry Module

Enquiry Module is to enter Sales Enquiry and Sales Follow ups report in Tally

Incoming Outgoing Courier register

Incoming Outgoing Courier register is for making record of incoming and outgoing courier report for easy tracking of same.

Readymade Garment Module

Size & Color Wise Readymade Garment Module useful for Garment Traders/mfg.

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