Tally.ERP 9

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Tally Your Business Companion

Tally ERP 9 allows to manage multiple financial & business functions with the help of a single software. Your Staff, Managers, Chartered Accountants and Business Owners can access and work on data irrespective of their location 24/7. Tally Software offers efficient, simplified solutions for even the most complex business functions.

Tally ERP 9 provides comprehensive control to meet the needs of both small and large businesses.

It essentially is about high performance in business operations. Tally Software offers superior functionalities to Manage your accounts, Finance, Statutory & Inventory. It also helps you manage your branches, warehouses and manufacturing facilities with utmost ease and bring efficiency to your human resource and payroll management. It offers the ideal combination of flexibility, control over business operations and functionality, yet retaining the simplicity. Trusted remote access, round the clock connectivity, quick installation process and ease of use are all features that make Tally a necessity for businesses across the globe.

Powerful Features

Invoicing and Accounting

Super-Fast Invoicing and Simple Accounting System

Inventory Management

Flexible System for Optimal Inventory Management with easy to use functions


Insightful Business Reports for Confident Business Decisions

Credit and Cashflow Management

Managing Cash Flows and Credit Flows made simple


Prevention, Detection and Correction Technology for Accurate Return Filing of your Returns for Various Taxation Rules


Manage all your Banking needs Effortlessly. Bank Reconciliation and Bank Import is easy to use

Net Capabilities

Stay connected to your Business from Anywhere Securely. With Tally your Data is Safe while using through Remote Access / through Browser

Cost Control and Cost Analysis

Ease of Tracking, Analysing and Optimising your Business Spending through Cost Control and Cost Analysis

Enhanced Security Management

Powerful Data Security and User Management System. You can define what all functions to be used by which users.

Payroll Management

Managing Employee pay-outs never been that easier with complete Reporting for Payroll management

Tips for Helping You Decide

Tally is Simple and designed to be used by people from Non-IT and Non-Accounts background as well. Spending few minutes on insightful information can help business owners identify areas that require their attention.

You can be up and running within a few minutes. All you need is to follow 3 simple steps – 1) Download 2) Install 3) Activate and Start transacting in a few minutes.

One-time cost of 18,000 + GST 18% for a Single-User Tally License and 54,000 + GST 18% for a Multi-User Tally License. From the second year onwards, you need to renew TSS to avail host of value-added services.

With a Multi-user License, you can have Unlimited users on the same LAN environment with capabilities to handle a Larger Volume of Transactions.

Business owners need to use accounting software to keep track of business performance. Accounts department captures and maintains data in a more organized way, which should be used by decision-makers to make informed decisions.


Tally.ERP 9 GOLD

Multi User For Multiple PCs on LAN environment
54,000 / Year
  • +18% GST (INR 9,720)
  • Multiple Users Edition
  • Windows XP and Above
  • Perpetual
  • Web-Based
  • Multiple Languages Available
  • GST Invoice
  • Remote Access Users

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