iPlugin is an Indian Language web application development software tool . iPlugin allows user to type in Indian Languages in your browser over the internet. iPlugin software helps you to develop unique interactive applications for the Internet in Indian languages. iPlugin is ideal for creating interactive applications such as online chat, localise database query applications, type blogs in your language, feedback and e-mail in Indian languages, reports or any other such application which requires support of typing in Indian Languages over Web. iPlugin helps you in creation of Indian language web content for front end and back end of internet and intranet portal solutions.

iPlugin software allows user to type in browser various languages of India (Indic) such as Assamese, Bengali, Bodo, Dogri, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Konkani, Malayalam, Marathi, Maithali, Manipuri (Bengali / Meethei Meyak), Nepali, Oriya, Punjabi (Gurumukhi/Panjabi), Santali (Ol-chiki), Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, with download of Indian language tools on client system.All the client side components are digitally signed and hence safe for download.

Devanagari script caters to various languages. However nuances of languages like Bodo, Dogri, Sanskrit, etc. have been specially captured and catered for separately. iPlugin software provides INSCRIPT (DoE), EASYPhonetic (transliteration) and Typewriter Keyboard Layouts for user to type Indian languages in web browsers such as IE, FireFox or Chrome. Client user can type on OS such as Win9x, WinXP, Vista, Windows 7 irrespective of whether they are language enabled.

iPlugin offers a comprehensive suite of software tools (client side as well as server side) for development of static HTML and interactive web-based applications for the internet/intranet. iPlugin has Onscreen Floating Keyboard for Hindi and other Indian Languages and IToolbar for Indian languages. The iPlugin toolbar can be customised to show your advertisements on client browser even if pop-up blocker is 'On' . Contact us at info.gist@cdac.in for more information.

C-DAC GIST offers an entire Localisation Framework to localise existing English Web applications including CSS, ASPX, XML and HTML code into various Indian Languages. Files such as.Txt, .Aci, Doc, .Xls, .RTF, Databases such as MS-SQL, MySQL and ORACLE can also be localised using the Localisation Framewor. C-DAC GIST has also developed the Indian Language Browser for the complete localised web-browsing experience.

iPlugin makes it is easy to enable existing English site pages for Indian Languages, without any change in the "look and feel" of the webpage. iPlugin works seamlessly to enable Input boxes, Text Area, iFrame, editable DIV tags, etc., for typing Indian Languages.This functionality is especially useful for Web based emailing applications. This also helps in loading the page faster.
Design Time controls of iPlugin for ASP .Net and JSP tag libraries reduce development effort and cost by giving drag-drop features.