Shree-Lipi software contains various packages. Shree-Lipi Soft and Shree-Lipi Pearl software are multilingual packages. There are language special packages, which give more stress on a particular script, while still supporting the other scripts. These multilingual packages are: Dev Ratna for Hindi and Marathi (as well as Konkani, Nepalese), Gurjari for Gujarati, Gurumukhi for Punjabi, Banga Ratna for Bengali, Ashamiya Manik for Assamese and Manipuri, Utkal for Oriya, Tamil Vairam for Tamil, Kannada Ratna for Kannada, Telugu Ratna for Telugu, Kairali for Malayalam. The main difference in these packages is number of fonts in each package.

Shree-Lipi is truly the richest package for Indian language fonts. For example, Dev Ratna package contains 838 Modular, 296 ITR Devnagari Fonts, and additional 4400 Dev Bahar fonts. Following are the number of fonts for every package
Modular Monolingual Fonts per package in Gurjari :
Modular Fonts in package :
Devnagari-51, Gujarati-444, Punjabi-4, Bengali-4, Assamese-4, Manipuri-4, Oriya-4, Tamil-4, Kanndada-4, Telugu-6, Malayalam-4, Sanskrit-15, Diacritical-14, Sindhi-16, Arabic-12, Russian-5, English-400, Symbol-90
ITR Fonts in package : Gujarati-185, English-50
In addition to the above, all the language special packages contain -
14 Modular bilingual Fonts, 2 Unicode fonts pairs of the main language of the package, 396 English Fonts, 90 Symbol fonts

Following are the other highlights: Additional stylized 4400 Dev Bahar fonts in Dev Ratna and 3100 Guj Bahar fonts in Gurjari Two completely new font layouts ShreeLipi-Ex (16 bit fonts) and ShreeLipi-7 (8 bit fonts) will help user to overcome many difficulties faced while using Windows applications Fonts with decorative shiroresha for Devnagari, Bengali, Assamese and Manipuri - to be used in invitations Fonts with decorative pullis for Tamil Avishkar Font Styler to make the fonts thin, fat, slanted etc. Modular Font Manager to install / remove fonts easily Symbol Font Previewer to find out the required symbol from symbol fonts Localized Indian language Word Processor - PATRIKA File Compatibility - facility to use documents of other window based packages in Patrika & vice versa in formats like MS Word (DOC), RTF, TEXT, ISCII, PCISCII, Shree-Lipi editor, HTML, iLeap etc. Find & Replace option for Indian languages. Auto save Define Keyboard Shortcuts for repetitive words to reduce re-typing of same text again & again. Insert date & time in Indian languages in 12 formats. Sorting: To sort Paragraph & Table Data as per Indian Language rules. Spellchecker On line spell checking facility for Indian languages. Dictionary : On line Hindi dictionary Mail Merge in Indian language. More Details.....