Shree Lipi Braille

Shree-Lipi Braille is a TRUE-TRANSFER software which converts text composed for sighted persons to Braille text sequence requied for visually impaired readers. Text file created by using 'Shree-Lipi Braille' will drive Index Braille embosser to print Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit, Gujarati and all other regional scripts. Proper care has been taken to convert the original text to Braille, faithful to language requirements. Now Buy Online Buy You can read converted Braille File with Refreshable Braille Reader from ACE

Features of Shree-Lipi Braille:

Considering special requirements of each language (as per rules of composite/ conjunct characters, placement of vowel signs etc) we have designed this software accordingly With every package of Shree-Lipi Braille, Duxbury to win Braille converter will be supplied free of cost Following languages are available immediately. Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, Oriya, Assamese, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam It is compatible to WinBraille, Duxbury Braille, Index Braille etc. It enables you to utilize full output capacity of expensive embosser which otherwise depends on the speed by which special Braille DTP operators make data entry. You may get text already composed for sighted persons or you may make fresh data entry in Shree-Lipi on your computer by DTP operators which are easily available with no special Braille typing skills required. You can do spell checking for Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Oriya, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu & Malayalam text. It can accept text file composed in Shree-Lipi It can also accept Text files composed in other packages like Akruti, I-leap, ISM and others. It is available at a very reasonable cost You can save your work as well as translated Braille data in file format (.BMS) supported by Modular InfoTech. Through this, you can do the page setup including paper size, inner, outer, top, bottom margins and can insert page number in header or footer, single sided printing, double sided printing, z folding etc. You can directly emboss selected pages or number of copies of Braille data or make a print file through Shree-Lipi Braille. It allows you to edit Braille data through six key typing