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Overview As technology evolves, businesses like yours have to keep in step for sustainable results. Staying aligned with customer needs at the same time is often a challenge. We have designed Shoper 9 to handle lakhs of SKUs (items), thousands of transactions per day and even support hundreds of stores in a chain. So the modern retail business gets to leverage its core strengths. Combining unmatched retail expertise and a rich development, Shoper 9 represents the best of breed. If it's better control of promotions, or merchandising, or even a stock query that helps customers check on which of your outlets stocks a particular product, Shoper 9 is up to the task. This retail management software product convincingly addresses pain points such as data exchange between head office, warehouses and stores, providing a robust interface. Favoured by leading Indian specialty stores, Shoper 9 has catered to the apparel, footwear and textile segments with tremendous success.

Shoper 9
The role of a head office is to generate and send the information to the constituent retail outlets to ensure that a retail chain uses common standards to classify and code its items. Therefore, the classification and coding of items are kept consistent across all stores for consolidated reporting on their performances through timely reports. Shoper 9 HO allows you to centrally create/ export masters and these masters are updated at all Shoper 9 POS locations. Shoper 9 HO also lets you to: "Define the business rules for the retail chain"
"Define the schedules for data updation activities at showrooms"

  1. "Create vendor information"
  2. "Define the constituents of the supply chain network"
  3. "Provide the configuration to transfer data to external applications like  Tally.ERP 9"
  4. "Consolidate the stock requirements at POS locations and place purchase orders "
  5. "Communicate the distribution plan to the concerned parties"
  6. "Define discount and offer plans for the POS stores to follow"
  7. "Control the pricing of the items through periodic revisions"
Shoper 9 POS Distributor
Shoper 9 POS is a versatile Point of Sale (POS) application which can manage all the operations at a retail outlet or at a distributor's place. The Shoper 9 POS application has two flavours ? Retail and Distributor , which can be installed as required. Inventory Management
Shoper 9 as a product is designed to handle high volume of SKUs (items) and transactions. It offers effective and flexible merchandising options to ensure smooth functioning of any retail business.
Stock ordering and receiving processes are handled elegantly by Shoper 9. The options cater to the needs of centralised or localised processing. Also, reports are available to ease the verification processes. 

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