This is an entry level astrology software package , it is ideally suited for those who are learning Astrology, for astrology hobbyists, for match making purposes etc It has more than 50 types of reports Following are the reports printed on printer and viewed on screen : Nomenclature, Birth Details, Lagna Chart (with speed of planets), Chalit - Cusp, Rasi - Navamsa, Sudershan Chart, Aspects, Sayan Lagna Chart, Sayan Cusp Chart, K.P. Lagna Chart, K.P. Cusp Chart, K.P. Significator (with Aspects), K.P. Significator Chart, Shadash-Varga 16-Charts, Planet Relations, Shadbala, Astakvarga, Sade-Sati, Ashtotari Antar and Prati Antar Dasa, Vimshottari Antar Dasa and Prati Antar Dasa, Favourable Points, How to wear Stone, Sadesati Remedies, Compatibility Table, General Predictions, Yearly Predictions. In addition of horoscope casting the software also generates match-making reports for a boy and a girl. i.e. given the birth details of both it generates the matching compatibility of both for marriage purpose. Ruling Kundli : Gotchar (every days) lagna rising starting and ending times, lagna rotetion with every lagna 9 Navamsh etc... The software is designed independent of any language. It is be possible for the user to view or print the horoscopes in different languages because then the setup program will install the relative fonts on the clients’ machine sent along with the package.

Comparision Chart between Different Pacakages of Kundli