Kaspersky Hosted Email Security: Details Kaspersky Hosted Email Security provides High Value through world-class malware protection, optimized for low Total Cost of Protection (TCP). It protects corporate email, keeping your mail gateway free from spam, phishing attacks, Trojans and other malware. It also acts as a virtual email firewall, preventing denial-of-service (DoS) attacks and directory harvest attacks (DHA) on your mail servers. The service is hosted on Kaspersky Lab servers with no requirement for extra hardware or software, making it a robust and cost-effective way to keep your network secure from new threats.


Proactive protection:

Kaspersky Hosted Email Security uses Kaspersky Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus and Kaspersky BitHunt to provide proactive protection against email threats, phishing attempts and malware. Combining the full complement of conventional spam detection methods with heuristic analysis, this system identifies key spam phrases and compares message originators in the client’s traffic against real-time reputation information.

Effective usage of network and mail infrastructure:

By filtering out unwanted mail content before it reaches the network, Kaspersky Hosted Email Security helps to reduce unnecessary incoming mail traffic whilst optimizing bandwidth and eliminating infrastructure overcapacity costs.

Predictability, stability and flexibility:

Kaspersky Hosted Email Security can be easily scaled to grow with your business. The subscription model makes expenses predictable and easy to calculate, with no hidden charges, and you can be confident that your mail servers will be able to cope with the volume of traffic.