iLEAP is an Intelligent, Internet ready, Indian language Word Processor. iLEAP is a multilingual word processor for windows with all the features like inserting images and clip art graphics. ILeap supports all the Indian languages like Punjabi, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Malayalam, Tamil, Sanskrit, Oriya, Marathi and Telugu. ILeap shows an on screen keyboard to help the user in easily typing in other languages besides English. Dictionary helps the user to find spelling mistakes and correct using single click as other standard word processors. The thing that keeps ILeap a little bit up is it's multilingual on-screen keyboard and export function . You can directly email any document processed using iLEAP.

Key Features:

  1. any document via mail in LP2, ASII, RTF, HTML, BMP formats.
  2. Export any file as HTML, LP2, ASII RTF, BMP formats to your computer for further use.
  3. Search and Replace option for any Indian language.
  4. Export text in any Indian language to other applications for Graphic Enhancement.
  5. Multilingual dictionary for every Indian language.
  6. Three types of keyboard - Phonetic, Typewriter and Phonetic English keyboard that enables the user to write a language the way it is spoken (in terms of sounds, instead of font characters).
  7. Different styles and templates for different kind of projects.

Finally, ILeap can be a better replacement for your current word processor.
Insert images and graphics.
You can also export HTML, BMP, TXT, JPG, RTF files for further use and emailing.
Multilingual keyboard.