eScan Toolkit: eScan toolkit is part of the eScan product range and it is one of the most popular supporting tools that is given by us. Customers use eScan toolkit for malware/adware/spyware removal and also for removing the "after-effects" of malware infection. It is also available as a stand-alone download. Many forums across the world suggest and use eScan toolkit for customers who are affected by "strong" infections. As a result of this toolkit, eScan got the highest marks for malware disinfection from AV-Comparatives. If a customer purchases eScan, he also gets to use this toolkit on all computers which DO NOT have eScan. The Toolkit is also available as a stand-alone download.

Endpoint Security:
eScan Endpoint Security or device control is a feature which helps customers to secure USB/Flash and other storage devices. Device control also provides for white-listing and device authentication so that users can "disallow" foreign devices from accidentally infecting their systems. Endpoint Security also provides application control, which is used for blocking unauthorized applications.
Lowest memory usage:
eScan has one of the lowest memory-footprints (less than 10 MB at idle times) amongst all AV products
FREE eScan Remote Support:
eScan is the ONLY product in the market to provide the eScan Remote Support facility, integrated in the software, to help consumers to detect and solve malwarerelated issues, in the fastest possible time-frames.
eScan, today, can boast of the fastest scanner because, other than regular malware databases which all vendors provide, we also provide white-listing databases, which ensures that our monitoring only checks for "NEW" unknown files or modified files, and not the regular files.
Malware URL Filter:
Socially engineered malware attacks pose one of the largest risks to individuals and organizations alike by threatening to compromise, damage or expose sensitive information. These are web pages with links to applications that appear to be safe and are designed to fool the user into downloading them, like a software update, screen saver application, video codec upgrade, Fake AV, etc. Additionally, the download link delivers a malicious payload whose content type would lead to execution. In other words, the web is increasingly being used to quickly distribute malware and evade traditional security programs.
Considering the above, we have now introduced a new feature within eScan (will be shortly available in real-time updates), which will BLOCK access of users to malicious websites / URLs. Malware URL Filter will further strengthen eScan on End points and will help users and systems-administrators to effectively mitigate loop-holes using which "UNKNOWN" malware enters into computers & networks