C-DAC today announced the launch of its path breaking OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Software for Devanagari Language: Chitrankan. Chitrankan was formally launched by Shri. Pramod Mahajan, Hon'ble Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India, at the ELITEX 2002.

Shri. R.K. Arora, Executive Director, C-DAC declared that 'this much awaited unique software developed by the GIST group of C-DAC, makes it possible to replicate digitally any document, however big or small in Indian Languages. The software scans the document and recognizes the text and other images as objects. These new scanned forms are free from imperfections and can be stored, searched, sorted, indexed, or printed over and over again'. 'Chitrankan incorporates several user-friendly features including a spell check and allows the user to edit or export the text output to various other software' he further added.

Lauding the efforts of C-DAC, Shri. Rajeeva Ratna Shah, Secretary, DIT, Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, Govt. of India, remarked that 'C-DAC has not only pioneered the multilingual IT revolution in India and consistently catered to the requirements of the diverse language population in the country, it also continued to adopt the new technologies to further the multilingual digital revolution with a series of new products'.

This software, which is developed by C-DAC jointly with the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, will support bilingual OCR (Devnagari and Bangla Scripts). It incorporates advanced auto noise removal and skew correction, and supports Text block marking and Image deletion and column information restoration. It has an inbuilt ISCII text editor with basic editing features like Cut, Copy, Paste, Find and Replace, and supports all TWAIN compatible scanners and digital cameras. CHITRANKAN also supports file export to iLEAP™ or Microsoft Word™ or any third party editor.

The other features of CHITRANKAN include:

Phonetic and Inscript Keyboard support
Inbuilt Spell checkers for Hindi and Marathi
Basic Image editing tools
Image Flip, Rotate and Negation options
Supports grayscale 300 dpi BMP and TIFF images