Multilingual Word Processor & Utilities

Ankur is very powerful Multilingual Software with unique features and facilities. This is an Ideal choice for staring work in Indian languages on computer without much more knowledge of Windows as well as Indian language type. It has support for various keyboard layouts for different Indian languages so working in Ankur will not require additional />
The objective of Ankur Office Suite is to automate your office documents in Indian Languages thereby providing you with the flexibility of maintaining your documents in your native languages. Ankur Office has been specifically developed by taking into consideration the need of Indian Language users. These users face a lot of difficulty in operations involving the use of Indian Languages such as sorting, data filtering, finding and replacing text, database maintenance etc. Ankur Office addresses these particular needs of the user along with providing specialized applications to make their working more comfortable. It is developed using keeping need and requirement of all commonly used segments like Government, Office, Corporate Sector, SOHO market.

Some of the features of Ankur:

Patrika – Multiligual Word processor
Smaranika Personal Diary
Smaranika Appointment
Script Processor
Database Manager
Label Maker -
Keyboard Tutor - Available for all languages.
Keyboard Generator - Utility to generate keyboard layout of your choice.
Wallpapers - Specially designed wallpapers for Indian environment.

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